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About Highway Auto

The company was established in the year 2005 and is located in the same compound as Transpares Kenya Ltd. Highway Autospares Limited are engaged in the business of selling a huge selection of vehicle parts and accessories for Heavy Commercial Trucks to other road transport operators in the region and to other private individuals.

The success in a relatively short period of time of Highway Autospares Limited can be put down to the fact that the experience of Transpares Kenya Ltd in the road transport sector has given Highway Autospares Limited a unique insight into the kind of parts required by customers, and seeks to source the most reliable parts from Germany and other parts of the world known for manufacturing strong reliable spare parts for vehicles.

We also offer a delivery service to our clients if they place an order above a certain value and this delivery service is provided free of charge

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Dirty air filters can cause your engine to run at less than peak efficiency. It's easy to spot a dirty air filter, and the replacement cost is minimal.
If there is an external cooling system leak, tighten, repair or replace leaking parts. A pressure test can determine if and where a leak exists.
Check and top off fluid levels in your transmission, master cylinder, clutch cylinder and washer solvent reservoir. Give the oil a quick check, change it and install a filter according to the manufacturer's recommended interval.
A complete fuel system cleaning can help remove deposits throughout the entire fuel system including fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers.
Do your brakes feel as sure as they did when they were new? Brakes should be inspected at least twice a year.
Replace the coolant in your cooling system every 30,000 miles or according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation. Replace the coolant with the proper proportion of water and coolant when low
Check your automatic transmission fluid. It protects against transmission breakdown and contains additives that prevent corrosion system wear and oxidation.
Engine oil should always be change according to manufacturer's recommended intervals. Understand what "Severe Service" means. Your intervals could be shorter.

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